XT-Energy Group

Production of electricity generating systems and fossil fuel-free electricity regeneration
based on the patent-protected technology of compressed-air energy storage.



We develop projects to reduce toxic emissions into the atmosphere
aiding industrial producers in tackling environmental pollution.


Our principles

XT Energy is convinced that development of energy storage units, which surpass gas-based peak-load power units in terms of production, will contribute to widespread adoption of green energy across the globe.

Organizational seclusion

Our employees make up a cohesive group, which determines the working environment inside the company. Management and minor staff members act as a whole, ensuring cost-effective performance.

Production unity

We unite our resources, knowledge and expertise into an efficient production chain, providing it with innovative technological solutions.


Financial independence

XT Energy has adopted a single system of financial accounting. Our operations are based on the principle of maximum profitability.


XT Energy is committed to environmental sustainability. Our focus is to develop and produce ecologically friendly methods of electricity generation avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

Our technologies

XT Energy is conducting research in the field of the CAES technology and solar panel production. Our experts are actively developing new projects and patents in the area of green energy generation. The company is holding strong market positions thanks to consistent development.



The CAES system is unique as a network storage, enabling long-term storage.

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Photovoltaic panels

Solar energy is a cost-efficient solution and long-term investments in the future.

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Our Mission

XT Energy sees its mission in developing renewables-based generation technologies and decarbonization of the power industry. We seek to tackle environmental pollution, an issue of global concern nowadays, by providing effective solutions in the area.

Our Management


Deng Hua Zhou assumed the post of XT Energy CEO when the company was established and has since been in charge, developing business technologies..

Deng Hua Zhou



Cao Jianzheng has strong relationship building skills and expert knowledge of advanced technologies. He is responsible for managing finances, corporate operations, HR and IT departments. 

Cao Jianzheng



David Chen is a professional engineer having extensive expertise in power industry, environment, business management and management consulting. 

David Chen


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