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Congo Ousts Mining Leader in a Cloud of Corruption Claims
The country’s president removed Albert Yuma Mulimbi as chairman of the state mining firm. Cobalt in Congo is a crucial resource in the global clean energy revolution.
Hunt for the ‘Blood Diamond of Batteries’ Impedes Green Energy Push
Dangerous mining conditions plague Congo, home to the world’s largest supply of cobalt, a key ingredient in electric cars. A leadership battle threatens reforms.
How the U.S. Lost Ground to China in the Contest for Clean Energy
Americans failed to safeguard decades of diplomatic and financial investments in Congo, where the world’s largest supply of cobalt is controlled by Chinese companies backed by Beijing.
Billions for Climate Protection Fuel New Debate: Who Deserves It Most
The $1 trillion infrastructure law funds programs that tend to favor wealthy, white communities — a test for Biden’s pledge to defend the most vulnerable against climate change.
Meet an Ecologist Who Works for God (and Against Lawns)
A Long Island couple say fighting climate change and protecting biodiversity starts at home. Or rather, right outside their suburban house.
A Slow-Motion Climate Disaster: The Spread of Barren Land
Brazil’s northeast, long a victim of droughts, is now effectively turning into a desert. The cause? Climate change and the landowners who are most affected.
Shell Pulls Out of Cambo Oil Field Targeted by Climate Activists
The field, known as Cambo and seen as a bellwether for Britain’s North Sea energy industry, awaits a government decision before it can be developed.
Killer Whales Find Prey Bonanza in Melting Arctic
Audio recordings in Arctic seas show orcas in waters that were once blocked by ice, and the effects are being felt up and down the food chain.
After Hurricane Sandy, a Park in Lower Manhattan at the Center of a Fight
Nine years after Hurricane Sandy, residents of Lower Manhattan are still vulnerable to rising seas. The fight over a plan to protect them reveals why progress on our most critical challenges is so hard.
What Privilege Means in the Climate Crisis Fight
No longer insulated from the climate crisis, the Global North has the power to lead the charge against the pollution it has long enabled.

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